Grether's Red Currant SF Pastilles

Grether's Red Currant SF Pastilles

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About the Grether's Red Currant SF Pastilles

What Makes Grether's Pastilles So Special?
Based on the original English recipe from 1850, selected raw materials are combined in a complex manufacturing process.   With essences from sun-ripened berries and blossoms, vegetable glycerin and high quality agar-agar from seaweed, Grether's Pastilles are especially soothing for sore throats, hoarseness, strained voices and dry mouths. The carefully chosen ingredients relieve irritation and create a protective film around stressed vocal cords. The full-bodied fruit flavors unfold through a careful and time-intensive process that includes a unique three-month maturation in special climate-controlled chambers. Each individual lozenge takes more than 15 weeks to produce, so that each one can develop their distinctive flavor and their beneficial effects.

Grether's Pastilles get their unrivaled fruity taste from the pure natural juice of sun-ripened fruits. Their intense flavor comes from careful, gentle processing and the perfectly coordinated combination of choice ingredients. Only hand-picked fruits known for their beneficial and soothing effect are used.

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