The Story of Heidi and the Hershey Queen

When I was a little girl, my brother and sister told me that late at night, when I was fast asleep, they would go visit the Hershey Queen. She was giving them free Hershey Bars and Chocolate Kisses! It all just seemed too good to be true. They told me that when I turned six, I could go with them to visit the Hershey Queen. So, on a lovely summer day in August of 1962, I put on my best party dress and patent leather shoes in excited anticipation of meeting the Queen. Imagine my extreme disappointment in finding out that there was, indeed, no Hershey Queen at all.

No grudges held here, boys and girls. In 2005 I opened Tiddle E. Winks, a Vintage 5 & Dime store, in the idyllic little hamlet of Sonoma, and have become "the Candy Lady" to children of all ages. And now, somewhat grown-up (them, not me), my sister helps me from afar in every way humanly possible, and my brother continues to tease me. It's o.k., I have all the candy bars!

Along with the classic candies from childhood, we have oodles & oodles of vintage-inspired gifts, knick-knacks, and a lot of other fun stuff that you may not need, but probably want more than anything in the whole wide world. (Please, Mom, please! Can I? Can I have it???)

The Hershey Queen and I enthusiastically welcome you...