Living Sonoma County talks about Tiddle E. Winks treasures

We’re pleased as punch…Tiddle E. Winks is making news again! Julia wrote all about us for the Living Sonoma County website describing the myriad of charming treasures you can buy at our store that won’t break the bank.

What really razzed our berries was how Julia personally described the gifts she purchased from our store, “The recipients were touched by the thoughtful items and I was met with a chorus of ‘Where were you able to find this?’ to ‘I haven’t seen one of these in years!’” We’re especially grateful for her reminders about the value of shopping locally, supporting small businesses, and helping Support Sonoma County businesses after the devastating fires.

A huge high-five to Julia and Living Sonoma County, we think they’re the living end!

Read the full story and all the comments here.

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