Featured as one of 5 Unique Places in Sonoma, CA

Take a trip down memory lane at this fun, colorful “vintage five and dime”. Walk inside and you’ll be greeted by the storeowner, Heidi, best known around town as “the Candy Lady”. Let your eyes wander and as you become reacquainted with your beloved childhood toys and games. Like a museum, you can’t help but want to touch everything in the store. Enter further and you’ll be halted by towering shelves, jam-packed with classic candies that will have you yelling “Please Mom, Can I have it?!”

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The Bachelor visits Sonoma and Tiddle E. Winks

Love him or not, Sonoma native Ben Flajnik’s starring role on “The Bachelor” has brought international attention to Sonoma Valley, to the delight of business owners.

During the Sonoma-centric episode, he brought Kacie B., an administrative assistant from Tennessee, on a late-night date around the Plaza, filmed between 10:30 p.m. and 2 a.m. when the square was all but deserted. It began with a visit to the Centre du Vin at the Ledson Hotel where the pair played piano before heading to Tiddle E. Winks for some quirky toys.

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San Francisco Chronicle

A nice, little blurb in the SFGate section of the Chronicle. And just in time for the holidays! The geography glasses in the picture are a big hit in the store. We carry every country and state that they make, and most of the cities as well. You can mix & match them any way you like! Oh, and don't forget the matching dish towels and fabulous, hand embroidered pillows!

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Sonoma Valley Film Festival 2007

A good time was had by all when cast, crew and friends of "Finding Kraftland" were invited back to Tiddle E. Winks for fun and Fizzies after the screening!

An excerpt from an interview with Ain't It Cool News and filmmaker Richard Kraft:

"My favorite screening so far has been at the Sonoma Film Festival where I invited the entire audience to join us after the screening at a great local five-and-dime store called, Tiddle E. Winks. Everyone was literally treated like a kid in a candy store stuffing their faces and having a great time."

Visit www.findingkraftland.com

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